Daily Drawings

Ink/Rapidograph on various papers

paper size: 8x10"

image size: 4x6"

2008-present (continuing)

Inspired by the ideas presented in Art and Fear, and constricted by the hectic schedule of teaching, family, and art, I find solace and inspiration in drawing every day. Beginning in March 2008, I have committed one hour of every day to completing a small drawing. These are not sketches or studies meant to evolve into larger works (although a few have). Neither are they practice in some particular style or effect to be used later. Rather, they are pieces of a larger whole, meant to be seen in a formal gallery setting, individually framed.

The first iteration of this work was shown at the Ohio University Southern Campus gallery in April, 2009, as part of a larger show titled "Portraits". 100 of these daily drawings were framed and installed as a large wall piece. This wall piece covered one of the four walls in the gallery, and was accompanied by a variety of drawings and prints that related to the concept of portraiture.

Different selections of thses have been shown in a variety of venues, including the Parkersburg Art Center, Ohio University Chillicothe and Ohio University Southern Campus, and the Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens OH, the Shot Tower in Columbus OH, and the Crane Gallery in Philadelphia PA.

Please contact Benjy Davies to schedule this show or to request a promotional package with more information, including shipping and installation requirements.


Daily Drawings 

Over seven years of drawing...

Over 2,500 drawings...(and counting!)

”You learn how to make your work by making your work … and lots of it!”
- -from Art and Fear, by David Bayles and Ted Orland

Project start date: March 1, 2008.

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daily drawings book volume one