Lucky Man Press

Lucky Man Press was founded in 2002 in Albany, Ohio, by artist Benjy Davies. In 2005, the press moved to Gallipolis, Ohio, where it remains today.

The majority of the work published by Lucky Man is the original stone lithography of the founder Benjy Davies. Benjy also works in other print media, including etching, screenprinting and woodcut.

Representative samples of his work appear on the left. Click to enlarge.

Occasionally, a print is published for another artist in conjunction with printmaking students from the University of Rio Grande.

Stone RollingStone lithography explained, in pictures and words.


All prints are hand-printed by the artist unless otherwise noted. Editions are limited to between 4 and 50 prints, averaging about 15 impressions. Matrices are typically destroyed after the edition is printed, unless the matrix is used in another print, in which case it is significantly altered.

anthony hopkins 1923
Al Fleur deliza
GC flier
gaze iliana
big head
one true thing  Mother and child
no checkered shirt