Extracted Haiku


Works on paper are

Delivered from found sources

Making of it art

This project was inspired by the teaching and work of book artist Buzz Spector, and my love of books and poetry. For each piece, 1-3 pages of an existing book, magazine or other publication were selected, and a "5-7-5" haikue was "extracted" from the printed words, excising all the other text. Titles are derived from the original title of the publication, with the extracted haiku and the original source acting as counterpoints for each other and the painted or drawn surface existing as an abstraction of text and image.

Works are individually framed, and available for exhibition or purchase.

Series of 50+ haiku, representative samples shown at left (click to enlarge).



Bram Stoker


Dictionary Parents

Instyle Recipe



Han Solo



Fine Art Print



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